Turmeric Curcumin Burma Spices

The food from Burma, known today as Myanmar, has a very interesting history. It is a tradition for Burmese to cook their dishes in a different way.

Rice is the core of any meal in Burma (link to Burma information: http://www.president-office.gov.mm/en/). Rice is served on the table along with many different Burmese dishes. Every dish represents a significant element of the Burmese culture. What makes the setting exceptional is how one can see and taste a blend of Burmese, Chinese, Mon and Indian influences in their foods.

What is in a Burmese meal?

Burmese Soups

Soups are regarded as a vital part of a Burmese meal. The probable reason is because the citizens of Burma do not usually drink wine or even water during meals. Thus, a soup makes it easier for the people to swallow the food. A good serving of spicy soups also helps the dining experience to become more stimulating as it increases the appetite of the diners. If soup is not available and the dishes are very dry, a hot cup of green tea serves as a replacement.

The Burmese soup has different styles too. Some taste sweet with bland or clear color and have meat, fish or vegetables. Some are bitter, but spicy and peppery. The Burmese soup usually matches a nice Burmese salad. Other soups are sour because of the added tomato or tamarind pulp. Lastly, there are bean soups which are thick and very appetizing.

Salads from Burma

A traditional Burmese salad is unlike its Western counterparts. Salads from Burma are mixtures of raw, preserved or boiled vegetables, cooked fish or meat, tamarind juice, onions, fish sauce, chili powder, fried minced garlic and crushed dried prawn. Given the different taste and aroma of the ingredients, a Burmese salad is exceptionally delicious. That’s why a Burmese salad can either be a wonder appetizer or a complement for a hot serving of spicy soup.

Myanmar’s Main Dishes

A typical meal in Myanmar includes different kinds of dishes. Main dishes are either meat or fish, salads or vegetable, and a warm soup. Beef is rarely served, but poultry meat, like duck and chicken, and pork are the usual favorites. Fish and prawns are also common. Boiled eggs and other spices can also be part of the main dish.

Vegetables are cooked and served in different Burmese ways. Their signature style is to cook vegetables in a small quantity of oil and add on some dried prawn to make them flavorful.

Throughout the history, spices and herbs have been especially significant. Many were well-recognized for their medicinal components. Some herbs like forskolin is creating a big buzz for quite some time for containing an active compound significant to boost the metabolism. If you want to enjoy any cuisine without the fear of gaining so much weight, take some dietary supplements. This is a handy solution to burn more calories without trying so hard.

Some of the Burmese spices even have medicinal properties such as pain relief or anti-inflammation. Among them is curcumin, see this link to see you it became a popular supplement to soothe aches: https://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Extract-Standardized-Curcuminoids/dp/B00HNVB3Y6

Dessert in Myanmar

A regular meal in Burma doesn’t include a dessert. However, it is a tradition to serve desserts when there are guests at home or there is a feast. Aside from fresh fruits, the “laphet” is one of the most common and favorite Burmese dessert.

The “laphet” is actually a pickled tea leave salad that has roasted peanuts and sesame seeds, fried garlic and beans, and a very small quantity of the enticing dried prawn. For special occasions and feasts, “shwe kyi” or rich semolina is a popular option for a delicious Burmese dessert.

Food from Burma is surely memorable to any taste buds. Even if the dishes seem simple compared to its other Southeast Asian neighbors like Thailand (check this link for information about Thailand: http://www.mots.go.th/ewtadmin/ewt/mots_eng/main.php?filename=index01), one can realize that an authentic meal from Burma harmonizes the four basic food flavors of the region: salty, sour, bitter and spicy.

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